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Video Notes Questions 4.1 WORD document
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Learn to write a literary analysis using the Claim-Evidence-Commentary model .

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4.1 - Cartoon-based CrossWord Quiz
4.2 - Writing Coach pages 55 & 56
4.3 - Writing Coach pages 36, 37 and 38 - revise with key on Assignments page and do the companion piece

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(revisions must be obvious)

companion piece for 4.3 revisions

4.4 - Revise & Edit mulitple choice, #12 ACE from Julius Caesar at the Public Theater & Essay "Cake" notes
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4.51 thru 4.55 - available online at Holt McDougal (4.51 = Act One; 4.52 = Act Two; etc.)
  • choose Unit 11
  • select The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (it's the actual play by Wm. Shakespeare)
  • select STUDENT RESOURCES tab
  • click Reading Check and Question Support links to access these handouts
4.6 (Optional Extra Credit) Writing Coach pages 209 & 233 DON'T DUE THIS IF YOU'RE MISSING REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS

JC Soundtrack Project PDF file (THIS PROJECT IS ON HOLD)